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Sunday, December 4, 2011

zombie massacre

Have you ever noticed how in most movies and games about zombies, they never tackle the psychological damage that happens to the remaining survivors. It's always about the superhero that swoops in, kicks major zombie ass, and escapes to safety. But in a real apocalypse, It would be a lot more traumatic. There is one game I picked up that tries to show that side of it. If you follow the story, it does it very well for a game. I think that more movies and games should try to catch the uglier side of the zombie apocalypse.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Walking Dead II

As I watched the season finale of AMC's The Walking dead, I couldn't help but notice how we are like the walking dead. Not in the sense that we are cannibals, but how we just live each day the same way. Every day, Zed wakes up and wanders around looking for food; usually in the same place. Kinda like how every day, we wake up, go to work/school, and come home to eat, watch TV, and sleep. Every day is the same. What we need to do is go out and enjoy life. What point is there to spend most of our lives working to earn money, just to put all the extra in savings? Go out, have some fun. Call up the old high-school and college friends, have a good night. You don't even need to spend money. Some of my favorite memories from high-school is inviting a few friends over and playing the PlayStation. Whatever you do, have fun in it. Appreciate the little things.