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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Darkest Hour

hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last post, school and what not. Anyway, my girlfriend and I went to see The Darkest Hour when it first came out somewhere around Christmas time. I get if you didn't go when it was in theaters, I usually don't because it's so expensive; but It should be hitting your local video store sometime soon. If you have the time and a few bucks, I recommend it. The plot is well done and focuses on a different type of apocalypse-dealing aliens. These aliens decide to attack and steal all the power in Moscow, Russia. after doing this, they proceed to patrol the streets and crush whatever is left of the Russians. Oh, and they're invisible. because nothing induces fear like murderous invisible aliens who steal the power to turn on your PlayStation 3.   
SMALL SPOILER************SMALL SPOILER***********SMALL SPOILER***************  When this thrilling neo-apocalypse adventure is over, it leaves the best present of all in your seat. The slightest hope of a second movie portraying the resistance. It will probably be named: The Darkest Hour 2: We Are Still Really Screwed but also Really, Really Hopeful.
NO MORE SPOILERS****************************************************************

Pros:all around good movie with lots of "Holy Crap!!!" moments.
Cons: Through out the movie, they lie. The story takes place in Russia, but somehow they always find water in water bottles. In the Russian apocalypse, they will ONLY have Vodka because it's Russia, even their "tap water" is just diluted vodka.
Overall Score: 4.5 mindless zombies out of 5. A good, solid movie

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