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Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, as some of you may know, last night in Waterloo, Iowa, Bobaflex played a great show with Cur, Cornfed Bruiser, and Royal Bliss. Despite technical difficulty during Royal Bliss' set, they recovered very well when they finally got the speakers fit. while waiting for the speakers to get fixed, the lead singer of Royal Bliss (Neal Middleton) plugged in an acoustic guitar and played his cover of Simple Man. After their set, Bobaflex came on stage, and announced that Chris Grogan, their guitarist, was "bowing out gracefully" and that that show was his last. It seemed like it was for this reason that they put on an amazing show (I still cannot hear out of my left ear). Near the end of their set, Neal Middleton (of Royal Bliss) got on stage and started playing the extra set of drums on the back of the stage. During their last song, their lead singer jumped on the back of Neal and continued to sing perfectly, while all the other members of Bliss came out and hugged Grogan while he played, and just ended the night on an amazing note of friendship and epicness. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so I have no videos/pictures for you, but a lot of people in the first few rows had cellphone cameras out, recording so you could probably find some on YouTube. I still do not know which concert I will be attending next, but if you have suggestions that are in Iowa, let me know. (ABSOLUTELY NO pop.)

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