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Friday, July 6, 2012

100 Scary Movies Part 1/4

 That's right ladies and gentlemen. It's that time. Time to take out your tinfoil, duct-tape it to your basement windows, grab your girl/boyfriend, and prepare for the 100 scary movie count down. They are not in any particular order, but they must all be watched before the best holiday ever created, Halloween. So, my fellow enthusiasts, it's time to start the count down.
  1. Midnight Meat Train- Let's start this out with a bang. Though you probably have never heard of this one before, and it sounds like a poorly made gay porn movie, it's a great flick. It's a different take on horror movies and may change the way you think about them. Though you have never heard of it, the production quality is top-notch with great acting and effects. Check it out at your local Red Box or Family Video and grab some popcorn for this gory horror thinker. Check out it's wiki page for more.
  2. The Evil Dead 1-Though it was made in the 80's, it's a pretty good movie. It tries to be genuinely scary, but it sets the stage for the second and third movies, both of which focus on comedy more than horror. It's a good watch and worth the hour or two.
  3. The Evil Dead 2-After the first one was made, they decided to throw in a few laughs to lighten it up and make it a bigger hit. It worked. This one is a bit better than the first one, and still tries to be a little scary, but the laughs kind of throw it off a bit.
  4. Army of Darkness-The third and final installment, they finally decide to stick with the laughs and throw the horror almost all the way out, but hey, you've watched it up to here, right?
  5. 28 Days Later- Never saw this zombie flick, but I have always wanted to. From what I hear, it's very well done and deserves the time it takes to watch.
  6. 28 Weeks Later-The sequel to the movie above. If you watch the first one, you have to watch the second, right? 
  7. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans- The third movie in the Underworld series, it tells the back story of the Lycans, or the werewolf creatures. Have yet to see it, but it has some good reviews.
  8. Underworld-This 2003  vampire/werewolf action/horror movie has always been one of my favorites despite it not being that scary. I decided to throw this one in because it's technically a scary movie, and at this point, we are far enough away from Scaretober to let it slide.
  9. Underworld: Evolution- The second of four in this series. Once again, a solid flick.
  10. Underworld: Awakening- The fourth and final movie in this series, once again, is a pretty damn good movie and definitely worth the time.
  11. Wrong Turn-Quick! what's the first thought that comes to your mind when I say "incestuous cannibalistic zombie hillbilly's"? If it was "damn, that would make a really freaky movie that I want to watch" then congratulations, you're officially a scary movie fan. if not, you'll learn... Anyway, it's a decently scary movie that kinda grosses you out with, well, you can probably guess (Don't worry, there's no zombie hillbilly sex)
  12. Human Centipede-Though I watched the South Park version of it, I don't think that counts. It takes place in Germany in a crazy doctors house. He decides to make a human centipede. It will probably haunt your nightmares for the next month or so.
  13. Silent Hill- C'mon, you didn't think I'd forget about the movie based on one of the scariest video games of all time, did you? It's a very well done movie, and you cannot call yourself a scary movie buff without watching it in your darkened basement.
  14. Dawn of the Dead- The newer one. where they take refuge in a mall in the midst of the long-awaited Z-Day. Not that scary to the seasoned buff, but still a bit spicier for the beginner. Watch it for the scares, the stupidity of the characters, or the lovability of the dude in the gun shop who apparently didn't know how to lock the door to his roof. Oh Andy, next time buy some peanut butter before the apocalypse
  15. Autopsy-A woman looks for her boyfriend in a creepy hospital.... pretty good movie to watch at around 2AM. Try to go to the hospital after watching this.
  16. The Ruins - A great, almost unknown film about some ancient Mayan ruins scary things to a small group of college-aged explorers. pretty creepy movie that may or may not hold your interest. At least watch it until you know who the bad guy is.
  17. The Crazies- A good film that takes place in my native state (Go ISU!) and is a pretty good movie that is about something that turns regular people into crazy, crazy killing machines that terrorize their once-upon-a-less-crazy-time neighbors. definitely worth a watch.
  18. High Tension- OK, I admit. I saw this one on Netflix and decided not to watch it in favor of The Expendables, but it does look pretty good. A few websites state that, despite some plot-holes, it is a pretty good movie that was made by the French. So, take a chance on this and watch it, tell me what you think. I know I will.
  19. Martyrs-Do you crave gore? Do you want an intelligent horror movie? Based on numerous reviews, that's exactly what this French-Canadian film is.
  20. Thir13een Ghosts-Despite an O.K. rating on IMDB, this remains a good movie in my book. It's about this family that inherits a glass house that has 13 ghosts (never would have guessed that...) imprisoned inside. Great movie with some tense moments
  21. The Ring-Holy. Crap. The first time I saw this movie, the girl scared the living hell out of me. It's a great movie that features the spirit of a girl (who drowned in a well) that kills everyone exactly seven days after they watch a movie (you probably all know exactly what I'm talking about due to it's outgrown fame)
  22. The Grudge- This creepy movie is a re-made version of a movie originally from...wait for it...Japan. (If you really want to be scared, try to find the original Japanese version with either English subtitles or English dubbed) It follows a girl who has to stay in a creepy old house. Little does she know, a very dark, insanely creepy and gruesome spirit inhabits the same house.
  23. The Hills Have Eyes- This movie is about a family who gets trapped in the hills of the Southwest and faces a group of psychotic killers hell bent on murdering their entire family in some really gruesome ways.
  24. The Exorcism of Emily Rose-This movie takes place mostly in a court room; but despite that fact, it still packs a pretty good punch in it's flashback-heavy plot, making this flick one of the best movies about exorcisms.
  25. The Devil Inside-Have you ever seen one of those movies that looks 100% terrifying just from watching the teaser trailer? This is one of those.
    If you have any requests, ideas, or comments, please let me know. Now, enjoy getting ready for Scaretober!

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