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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess whos back!! (This post has a BIT to do with zombies...sorry)

Thats right, its me. everyone's favorite zombie philosopher. As I was talking about the past few posts, a few friends and I started a blog together. there, you can see four people's posts. But enough advertising. Let's talk about the economy. And of course, zombies. When the apocalypse begins and the dead walk the earth, the few remaining survivors will be just that; survivors. In the post-apocalyptic world, there will be no need for computers, or fast food, or any of the boring, mundane jobs that we all hate. Which makes me wonder... our fore fathers had to hunt for their food, that was a big part in the making of the constitution and the bill of rights; specifically the 2nd amendment. This country was built on not only the right to bear arms, but also the right to use those arms to hunt for food to feed your family. Since we were founded on this principle, it only makes sense that we should continue to hunt for our food. But now days, it costs about 500$ to hunt deer by the time you pay all the fees associated with hunting. Which makes no sense; why isn't it possible to buy the license and tags at a cheaper price? the reason behind this is if I had a family that was starving and there was nothing i could do, I can't provide for them at all; the best I could give them would be a soup kitchen. If I know how to hunt, and could hunt a deer for a reasonable 25-50$, I would buy the tags and shoot a damn deer. and because a good deer can feed a family for a month, I would have more money to stimulate the economy. Atleast this way, when Z-Day comes, more people would be ready to survive and provide for others.
If you don't comment and lemme know what you think, I will come to your house and eat all your cereal and left you better comment.

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